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World has introduced 1TW of solar capacity of solar energy

Solar Energy Capacity

The world has introduced its first terawatt of equipment on Earth to produce electricity straightforwardly from the sun. Achievements might be inconsistent, yet the assurance support they give isn't. The world has as of late introduced an adequate number of solar panels to create 1TW of electricity straightforwardly from the sun.The assumption that our species would hit 1,000GW of solar was first in view of assessments that we introduced somewhere around 183 GW in 2021, and that we had 788 GW of limit set up toward the finish of 2020. Solar Farm in Malaysia

These two qualities complete 971GW of introduced solar. To gauge our ability at this accurate second, how about we expect that people will introduce 210GW in 2022. Today denotes the 73rd day of the year, which is by and large 20% of 2022. These numbers recommend that Earth's solar capacity has penetrated 1,010GW, and that we can formally begin estimating solar capacity in terawatts. Solar energy How about we add two admonitions to show the trouble in getting an exact gauge: Overestimation can result from the little level of capacity that has been uninstalled, since rooftops truly do here and there get supplanted, and extreme climate occasions truly do at times annihilate establishments. Also, capacity numbers have been consistently misjudged in light of the fact that the establishment information that analysts look for is continually changing, and acquired from various makers spread all around the planet. The biggest supporter of this limit is China, who got through - and blew past - 100GW in late 2016, or mid 2017. The European Union hit 100GW in 2015, not long before China. In the United States, the 100GW number was hit in the primary quarter of 2021. These three locales address the greater part of the world's introduced solar capacity.According to an age viewpoint, 2021 was additionally an achievement year. As indicated by the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2021, the world created 26,823 terawatt long periods of electricity in 2020. 855 of those terawatt-hours - 3.1% - came from solar. Since solar developed 23% in 2021, all things considered, the following year's BP Statistical Review will show that solar age broke 1 petawatt hour of age in 2021. Going ahead, models anticipate that many terawatts of solar capacity will be expected to decarbonize the world's electricity, transportation, warming, and modern frameworks.

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What is Solar PPA and Why Does Your Business Need it?

As COVID-19 becomes part of the next normal for businesses, industry leaders face challenges in the shifting economic landscape, leading to OPEX concerns, while maintaining a competitive advantage. Energy, in particular, was singled out to be one of the top three expenses for many businesses, where solar energy has proven to be a real contributor to cost-efficient savings where investments can be recouped in 3-4 years while shaving off up to 50% of operational costs.  

Understanding that solar energy has accessibility challenges as the most common financing option is an outright purchase, zero CAPEX solar solution has emerged as another common financing solution, more widely known as solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where companies bear zero CAPEX, and they can purchase the electricity at a lower rate from the solar service provider than the electricity distribution company.  

With solar PPA as an emerging solar financing solution in Malaysia, discover more about it and learn more if your business needs it. 

What is a Solar PPA? 

Businesses who are looking to preserve cash flow during this time should consider a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Through it, businesses gain recurring and reduced electricity tariffs at zero capital expenditure (CAPEX) over a 15-20-year lease-to-own tenure. Once mature, business owners take full ownership of the solar setup and its savings benefits. 

A solar PPA is a solar lease-to-own solar financing solution where the adopter pays zero CAPEX. Aimed at optimizing cash flow, building owners can enjoy lower electricity tariff rates, saving on their monthly TNB bills. 

How Does Solar PPA Work? 

Private PPA, Corporate PPA, Solar Capex, Zero Capex

As the adopter of corporate PPA, you would only pay a monthly amount to the investor (owner of the solar photovoltaic (PV) system), allowing you to pay lower for the electricity bills. This is because you will only be paying for the monthly payments of the solar energy that was consumed from the solar system at the PPA tariff over the solar PPA tenure. 

The solar PPA option is flexible because it allows you to conduct a site sale or transfer, site relocation, site renovation and early termination possibilities. As for the operation and maintenance cost, this will be taken care of by the investor. 

The operation and maintenance (O&M) costs of the solar system are borne by the investor throughout the lease period. Therefore, adopters will not incur unexpected expenditure whilst continuously benefitting from lowered operational expenditure (OPEX).  

Eligibility for Solar PPA 

Curious about whether your business can apply for a solar PPA? Here are the eligibility requirements:  

  • Companies with high positive cash flow and low tax liability. 
  • Companies with tax holidays from the government. 
  • Companies who go green with zero CAPEX. 
  • Companies who do not want to own assets. 

Benefits of Solar PPA for Your Business

Not only will your business lower its energy bill through solar PPA but enjoy the advantages of adopting clean energy.  

Summary of the benefits of solar PPA your business can enjoy: 

  • A zero CAPEX investment that is a lease-to-own arrangement. 
  • Purchase electricity at a lower rate than the usual rate from your electricity distribution provider. 
  • System takeover where you can take ownership and enjoy free power after the contractual period. 
  • More business cash flow to spend with the immediate cost savings after the solar PV system begins generating energy from the sun. 
  • Get closer to achieving Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) for your company. 
  • Higher roof durability. 
  • Lower your carbon footprint. 

Interested in Solar at a Lower Cost? 

If you are looking to strengthen your corporate ESG journey and lower your energy bills, Plus Xnergy provides zero CAPEX solar solutions for your business.  

Through this solar PPA solution, Plus Xnergy will finance the solar PV system of your building or factory, enabling you to purchase electricity at lower-than-grid rates for the next 15-20 years. After the tenure, the system is then transferred to your company’s ownership where you can continue to reap its benefits.   

The solar PPA solution is provided by Plus Xnergy Asset (“PXA”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Plus Xnergy Holding (“Plus Xnergy”), an asset management arm to invest in assets within and beyond Malaysia.  

To inquire more about this solution for your business, contact us at 

Solar-Powered Home 101: What You Need to Know

Home Solar System 

“Do solar PV systems require high upfront investment cost?”

“What happens next after I install solar? Who takes care of the maintenance?”

“How much savings can I really achieve from installing solar for my home?”

Sound familiar? As a homeowner, you may have asked yourself these questions when you were considering investing in solar energy for your home. Solar for home has been known to provide advantages for homeowners such as lower electric bills, lower carbon emissions, increasing your property value and more.  

With the benefits of clean energy posed to benefit homeowners greatly, get to know the basics of owning a home solar photovoltaic (PV) system and what the journey is like so you can make the most of this resource.

What Does Solar Power for My Home Mean?

Solar PV panels for homes are normally positioned at open and radiant regions, usually found on house rooftops. These panels are made up of PV cells that are connected electrically to generate energy directly from the sunlight. Malaysia’s hot climate makes it an ideal medium to generate clean energy for the entire year.

Under the current policy for residential solar, the Net Energy Metering (NEM) Rakyat, the solar energy generated will be consumed by your building first and the excess energy will be exported into the national grid to offset your TNB bill. This excess energy will be recorded in a credit form by a bi-directional meter and energy credit will be then offset on a “one-on-one” basis per kWh unit.

There are various strides to follow to power your home with solar energy. Your clean energy solutionist will provide you with more insights and approaches on how you can make the most of your investment, as well as all you need to know about the overall journey including:

  • Is My Home Suitable for Solar?
  • Site Study: Studying Your Home's Energy Consumption & its Roof Space

  • Survey Your Options to Adopt Solar

  • Order and Payment Confirmation: What’s Next?

Is My Home Suitable for Solar?

To install solar for your home, making an assessment of your property is essential before starting your journey. Clean energy is best installed on landed property and with high monthly energy bills. These two factors will guarantee that you can make full use of your solar PV system and make the most of your investment.

For a more comprehensive analysis, source a clean energy solutionist with a strong track record and licensed by the local authorities who are dedicated to making your investment worthwhile. By having an expert provide the analysis and necessary insights, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Site Study: Studying Your Home's Energy Consumption & its Roof Space

Determine whether your roof is suitable for solar energy through online tools as they will help you with this assessment and make the necessary steps. These online tools help you to visualize the size of the clean energy system, pricing and energy consumption. In order to generate such a report, you would need to provide key information about your property such as your monthly energy bills and home address.

One example of these online tools is Plus Design, where you can design your own solar PV system by locating your address and adding the amount of your recent monthly energy bills.

With the relevant information, you are ready to outfit your home with solar power!

Home Solar System

Survey Your Options to Adopt Solar

Now, for the big moment everyone is waiting for, what about the cost? Solar energy has been known to cost as much as a car which may include hidden fees, maintenance fees, installer charges and more.

With the existing clean energy policies and technological development, solar is no longer expensive, shortening payback periods over the years. There are many ways to adopt clean energy for your home, with the most widely known as outright purchase. However, as we understand the challenges consumers face in adopting clean energy such as the upfront cost, after-sales service and estimate of savings, we rolled out Malaysia’s first rent-to-own solar program, Xnergy Home, where consumers only need to pay a fixed amount every month for over a period of 5 years.

Similar to how you would pay for a massage chair or a water purifier, after the contractual period is over, under this rent-to-own solar program, you can generate clean energy for free as the system will be under your ownership.

Order and Payment Confirmation: What’s Next?

As you are getting ready to purchase solar for your home, be sure that you are aware of the warranties, maintenance and after-sales service that comes with your system as there are service providers with minimal maintenance arrangements.

Be sure to look out for the following maintenance services for your system:

  • Product Warranties:
    • What are the terms?
  • Defect(s) Liability Period (DLP):
    • What is the duration?
    • What is under the DLP scope and its exclusions?
    • What are the associated charges to the defect rectification work?
  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Does the scope of full maintenance include electrical inspection and cleaning of panels?
    • What is the duration of the maintenance period and its frequency?

The above factors are important for consumers to know when making the switch to clean energy.

Why Solar for Your Home?

Solar energy is one of the most significant environmentally friendly power sources that have been evolving for the past decade, especially in Malaysia. When compared with the rest of the renewable energy resources, solar energy is the most viable and scalable option as you would only need roof space to install this resource where you can power sustainability for your home and your community.

Thinking about clean power sources for your home? Celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, we provide affordable solutions for homes through Xnergy Home, the first rent-to-own solar program in Malaysia. Consumers can rent-to-own clean energy as low as RM398 per month for over a period of 5 years which does not require any down payment or bank loan. By signing up for Xnergy Home, you can save up to 90% of your monthly energy bill and enjoy 5 years of worry-free maintenance as we ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. If you are interested in learning more about home solar panels system & cost, contact us at

Friday, February 18, 2022

Solar Panel for Homes

How much does a Solar Energy System cost in Malaysia.

The normal cost for a solar panel in Malaysia is higher than that of different nations in view of the nation's significant expense of living.

The expense for a solar panel for homes in Malaysia is almost RM15,000 , which is right multiple times the normal cost in different nations. This is on the grounds that Malaysia has higher living expenses and more costly work costs than its adjoining nations.

It has been observed that 33% of Malaysians don't know about the advantages that accompany utilizing solar panels or the amount it would cost to set up a framework.

So in the event that you are considering where to purchase solar panel in Malaysia, Plus Xnergy is the response!

Prior to purchasing a solar panel in Malaysia, we want to decide a solar energy framework size that is appropriate for you. The elements to think about are:

1. Housetop size

The size of your housetop will decide how much solar PV panels that can be introduced. The greater the rooftop, the more solar PV panels that can be introduced, and the greater electricity that you can create. A level rooftop would be ideal to get the most openness to sunlight. In the event that your rooftop is shifted, inclination is put the solar PV panels on the north or south-bound rooftop. East and west-bound rooftops can likewise be utilized, with appropriate plan and arranging.

2. Electricity utilization

Similarly as significant, is to plan the solar energy framework as indicated by your electricity utilization. It would not be savvy to introduce a solar energy framework that can create more electricity than what you typically consume.

3. Accessible spending plan

The ideal solar energy framework size for you is one that matches your electricity use and your available housetop space. In any case, the framework should likewise be one that matches your planned financial plan.

Subsequent to thinking about these three elements, you can track down a quote to your solar energy framework here. Do take note of that this is a base expense assessment given by SEDA, and that costs are probably going to be higher relying upon the items being offered, area of property, openness of roof, and so on

On the other hand, you can absolutely reach out to us for a free energy assessment of your property.

Most recent update: Malaysia Government has focused on creating 23% of its energy from inexhaustible sources by 2025. With such a responsibility, we make certain to see more interests in solar energy frameworks and the comparing fall in costs. In the event that you're actually considering where to purchase solar panel in Malaysia, you as of now have the response to this inquiry!

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World has introduced 1TW of solar capacity of solar energy

Solar Energy Capacity The world has introduced its first terawatt of equipment on Earth to produce electricity straightforwardly from the su...